• This is the book I produced based on the traditional tale of Rumpelstiltskin. I created my own poem on the story. I wanted the character of Rumeplstiltskin to remain quite strange and scary.
  • The visuals were produced with pen in a knitted line style. I decided to do it like this because I felt it was my best way of making the compositions how I wanted them to be.
  • I also feel that the line work is the best way to show the tonalities of the compositions as I wanted a contrast of highlight and shadow to run throughout the book to express the emptiness and darkness to the room.
  • The final artwork was inspired by the work of Louis Tiffany Comfort. I loved the way he told his stories through stained glass windows. I am really animated by use of colour within my illustrations. I loved the way the glass work blended unexpected colours together in such a beautiful way.
  • I also really liked the bold black joining within the stained glass style and wanted to try and somehow integrate that into my illustrations. I used a thin black glass ink to create the lines that distinguish the images in my artwork, giving it a strong sense of pattern and a unique style of drawing.
  • I tried to make every page compositionally different, yet give a general flow through the pages of the book. I changed the views and angles to add some interest.
  • I also wanted the book to hint at the style of illuminated manuscripts. Achieved by using bold lettering at the beginning of each verse.
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