Life Drawing

  • This is a full colour study making use of warm and cold colours as a way of expressing light and dark tones.
  • Using oil pastels to create tone, this is a loose study with a more expressive line.
  • A tight charcoal drawing focusing mainly on tonal aspect of the model and understanding shadow and highlight.
  • Repeating the same position of study but experimenting with colour. I chose three random colours of pastel and tried to utilise them in a way that worked for the drawing.
  • Focusing purely on block colour and using no line. I used yellow and tones of acrylic paint and applied them in a loose way building up slowly the correct tonal areas.
  • A colour study using soft pastels, keeping a limited palette of neutral tones against the contrast of the purple paper. Bringing out the lighter areas using a shade of white.
  • A charcoal study trying to express shadows that form the shapes of the body rather than using line.
  • A study done using a thin piece of mount board to apply thick ink in a unique way. The results were purely tonal using block colour to create shapes of shadow seen on the model
  • A long period study using pencil. I made use of line to create tone here, by crosshatching the shapes of shadows and highlights into the art piece.
  • Soft pastel study of a pineapple, trying to learn how the tones of shadows are not purely black but also contain colour and a slightly changing outline.
  • A acrylic colour study of the model, unfinished trying to experiment with using warm and cool flesh tones in the colours you see within the skin.
  • A tonal charcoal study trying mainly to focus on body proportions and angles.
  • Experimenting with the mixture of colours to create an interesting study. Trying to show the weight of gravity through heavier more grounded parts of the body.
  • A sketch focusing a angle and weight. Trying to understand how to make closer parts of the body look bigger but not disproportionate.
  • A fun study using imagination and learning what it feels like to be on the modelling side of the process rather than the artists side.
  • Charcoal and Oil pastel, focusing mainly on the shape and outline of the figure, trying to get correct proportions.
  • A simple line studying, figuring out how to use weight and thickness of line to express darker areas and lighter areas.
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